Dat Black In Da Heat Tho

Dat Black In Da Heat Tho

I know what you’re thinking. What has possessed this chico to wear black in the summer? He’s just pulling an Amy Winehouse and going back to black. What’s classier than the color black? When you think of sophistication and taking on an attitude of “cool,” you think of people walking around New York City in black or poetry beatniks sitting in a coffee shop snapping their fingers. But when it’s the time for swimsuits and rompers, should people be sweating in the sun?


People actually say that wearing darker colors in the sun will decrease your chances of a sun burn. According to skincancer.org, dark colored clothing has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50. For all you easy-burners out there, black will not only make you look “cool” this summer, it’ll keep you from having to lather yourself in aloe vera.

Anyone can put on a black shirt and a pair of black jeans and look sleek, but what gives a black outfit the “wow” factor? Other than a T-shirt with zippers, the answer is accessories. This chico believes that the more the accessories there are, the better. He’s not afraid to to put on a circle-brimmed hat and stand out in the crowd. He goes the extra mile and dresses up his hands with a gold ring with an onyx stone and wears a watch even though his iPhone can tell him the time.



He’s adamant about the one accessory that everyone should own: a pair of glasses. When this chico spent two years in France, he saw people wear crazy ones with wires sticking out from the sides. Perhaps those were a bit too crazy for him, but he decided then that a pair of glasses are a must-have for anyone.



Don’t be afraid to try something new: a pair of glasses, a shirt with zippers or a ring. This chico believes in wearing what you feel like wearing. Sometimes people say he looks preppy, but really he’s just wearing what he wants for that particular day.



What is your style advice? “If you feel like you can’t pull something off or you’re not really sure if it’s your style or whatever, just go for it because chances are no one else is going to be wearing what you’re wearing and they’re going to be like ‘Oh, that’s pretty cool what you did’ and they’re like ‘that’s a dope outfit.’ The other one is don’t be afraid to wear all black—even in the summer when it’s 100 degrees because black is not just for the goths anymore. Black is just a really classy color.”

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