How Metallica Changed My Mind

Today, I realized that metal music isn’t just noise. I know, I’m sorry to all the heavy metal lovers.

For Christmas, I bought some matching Metallica shirts for me and a Metallica fan (because that’s what you do when you like someone, right?). But to be honest, I hadn’t ever really listened to any of Metallica’s music. So I figured I should know what I was supporting, and I listened to the “Ride the Lightning” album. The first time was a little rough, and I stopped listening to it in the middle of the last song on the album (But it was the deluxe version, so I basically heard all the songs).

And then today, I decided to listen to it yet again—all eight songs. And I was surprised by what I heard. I heard awful singing and screaming, but I heard some really talented artists. Now, I don’t know any terminology for guitars, or bass, or drums, but I can hear talent when I listen.

I thought the nicest sounding song was “Fade to Black.” I just looked up the lyrics (because I really couldn’t understand them). It’s about death. So subject matter-wise, I wouldn’t say it was very relatable, but music-wise, it was really good. The guitar stuff sounded really nice (like around 2:40). But I guess this song isn’t super hardcore. But still. At 4:10 it kind of picks up.  I actually like pretty much all of them (but “The Call of Ktulu” is just okay for now). Oh, but I actually really like the sound of the song “Ride the Lightning.”

There’s Metallica in action. I only saw what they looked like today.

So, what? Now I can appreciate Metallica? This discovery reminded me of my experience with country music. I absolutely hate twang, but there’s some country I like. Rascal Flatts sings with SO much twang that I should probably loathe their music, but the main singer is actually a super talented vocalist. So even though there’s something I don’t like (like screamo), there’s something that musically, I can appreciate (the instrumental parts).

The main point I want to make is that change is possible. You may think you don’t like something the first time you try it, like The Labyrinth—but then David Bowie wearing glitter eyeshadow and saying things like, “Forget the baby,” really grows on you.

There he is in all his glory! Eyeshadow and those tight sexy pants (that’s how they were referred to at every one of my sleepover birthday parties).

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