Seattle Grunge: Comfort and Flair

Seattle Grunge: Comfort and Flair

This week I watched an interview with the former creative director of Elle magazine, Joe Zee. He mentioned each person’s “personal style,” which made me think again about what is considered “style.” And then it reminded me that I thought this chica was stylish even though she wasn’t wearing what typically catches my eye (bold colors and interesting shapes—a.k.a. Mindy Kaling’s wardrobe).

But she’s hardcore rocking the Seattle grunge, and she isn’t even from Seattle (but she did live there for a little bit and loved it). Plaid is the first sign of a possible Seattle-ite outfit. I clearly remember a guy from my Washington high school that wore a red plaid shirt almost every day. And the hot hippie guy (who wore cut-off skinny jeans and had tousled-maybe-washed hair) wore plaid on an extremely regular basis. So yeah, plaid is part of Seattle grunge fashion. Don’t believe me? Google it.

Lots of plaid going on with that Google search.

So this is obviously Seattle-ish. Because it’s a hat that says Seattle. And while I am not a fan of baseball caps, I’d say this chica is working it with this cap and some loose, messy braids. It has a little plaid look going on too that doesn’t clash with the plaid of her jacket because it’s so subtle. In fashion, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear patterns in different colors in one outfit, but how you pair them takes a little more work.

So, I’ve never actually seen boots like this on a regular basis in Washington, but they look waterproof, and that comes in handy in Seattle. Plus, they have a kind of woodsy vibe about them that says, “I live amongst the trees in a place like the Evergreen State.”

So the moral of the story is, wear a little grunge once in a while because not only is it comfy and laid-back, but you’ll look cool. And people will probably come up to you and ask to take your picture—like I did to this chica.

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