Why this blog?

Why this blog?

I’ve been meaning to start this blog since August. So far things have gotten in the way (a.k.a life). Thankfully, it’s been a good life.

I figured if I wanted to one day be the editor of More magazine or have the credibility to write satire for the New Yorker, I’d better start young.

I’ve always had some sort of hand in news media. As a young’in, I read J-14, Tiger Beat, Teen Vogue, Lucky, People, and Time. My mother raised me with a People-sort-of-mindset. (She’s full of celebrity gossip. That’s why her hair’s so big…) Later on, I decided to dabble in some of The New Yorker, Scientific American, and More.

I didn’t always know I wanted to work in magazines and the media though. After two years at school and three major changes later, I finally realized the impact magazines have had on my life. So, I switched to a the news media major. What really made the idea stick was an interview with Steve Fidel. I asked him what he enjoyed about working in the press. His response: “You get to be an eternal student. Say you want to learn about something. You pitch it to your boss, and you can research it.” Yep, that sounded like my kind of scene. I couldn’t decide on just one thing, so journalism and news media seemed like the right fit for me.

So, here we are. On More Jesse King you’ll find articles on inspiring women, fashion, riveting news, satire, and some potpourri (not the smelly stuff—just whatever I feel like writing).

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