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    Making Other Religions Part of Your Faith

    The best, most memorable sermon I ever heard in a church was at a Baptist church in Provo, Utah. The pastor said he’d been praying about what to teach his congregation that Sunday, and he kept coming back to the Book of Judges. He half-yelled, “Lord, why would I teach my congregation about all these fallen men?” And then it hit him. The Book of Judges talks about these great men who fall from glory so we can learn that grace is not in leader worship but in worshipping God. And that was my first experience with making another religion’s teaching part of my faith.     Adopting Other Religious…

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    Mormon Culture: Activist and Mormon. Is it possible?

    Just so you know, I’m a feminist, and I believe our society needs to do more to treat others equal, including ethnic minorities and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Do you think there’s tension between fighting for the rights of certain groups and being a Mormon at the same time? I’ve always felt like members of the church get a little uncomfortable when I talk about being a feminist. Being a feminist doesn’t mean I hate men; I just think women and men deserve to be treated equally. Is that so far-fetched? And I’ve never understood why I’ve felt a level of discomfort from others when I get to talking…

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    How to deal with a crisis of faith

    Just like you, I’ve had a crisis or two of faith. And I’m sure neither you or I is done with having these crises. My first crisis was about Joseph Smith. My second was about revelation. My third was about the temple. My fourth was about non-prophet church leaders. My fifth was about Mormon culture and doctrine. You might be thinking to yourself, “Jesse, those are pretty big-topic issues you dealt with.” If you aren’t, that’s what I would’ve thought if I had read that list. Or maybe you’re thinking, “Yep, been there,” or “Yep, I am there.” I struggled, but I wanted to stay with my God. So how…

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    How to stay active in your faith 

    We all have questions, and sometimes we want to leave the church. But here’s why you shouldn’t leave church attendance behind. #1: It’s not about what people believe; it’s about God. I’ve had a lot of issues with Mormon culture and people’s expectations. Even just recently, my sister told me that people perceive me as this perfect person, which I get annoyed by. And I have issues with people saying that I have to do things a certain way—when what they tell me isn’t doctrine. Rather, it’s based on personal opinion or something that someone said one time. But I don’t go to church for people; I go to church…